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Payment control

Subscribe to your students and let us handle membership payments.

Online Booking

It allows you to schedule your students' classes through the mobile or web application.

User profile

Create a personalized profile of your students with all their information.

Reports and Statistics

We give you the precise data so you can make the best decisions in your company.

Everything you need to manage your box, school or fitness center.

Create a schedule and your students can book classes instantly.

Administration system for sports centers

With our platform you can say goodbye to Excel and WhatsApp to manage your sports center and you will start to recover your time!

Our customers are happy.

Alejandro Ban | Administrator and Coach at Colossus Elite Fitness

"It has allowed us as administrators to have more time for our families, to worry about the relevant things in the business and the reception people have allowed them to save working time."

Jorge Pezo | Dancer and teacher in No Pares de Bailar

"Before I had to register people with a card. But with BoxMagic you have everything on the phone. With this application I save a lot of time, because now I don't think so much about managing my business. Now what I think is to teach."

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